Tuesday, April 26, 2016  


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Tuesday, April 19, 2016  

[My experience with POSB and DBS Vickers...]

I tried to open a DBS Vickers account recently. I would never have guessed how painful the process would be.

About two weeks ago, I filled in the forms downloaded from the website and headed down to the POSB branch near my office. I was aware that the normal POSB and DBS branches are unable to process the application per se. However, there was one section where POSB/DBS staff is required to sight and verify that the applicant’s signature tallies with what they have on record.

Upon reaching the branch, the lady manning the queue number dispenser was very adamant they do not process DBS Vickers applications and told me to just “mail my forms in”. From what I previously read on their website, I know this to not be true. I tried explaining that someone from the bank needs to sight and verify my signature, but she stood her ground. Not wanting to create a scene, I left the branch, called DBS Vickers to confirm my understanding, and went back to talk to said lady.

This time, I was lucky that another staff passed by and told the lady that I should be referred to this particular staff. When this staff appeared, she checked my documents, and told me my signature did not match the one the bank had on their records and I needed to update my signature.

The signature I have in the banks’ records was made when I was around twelve years old. That’s more than twenty years ago. All this time, my cheques have all cleared without any problems. Now here I am, right in front of you, with my IC in your hands and you don’t believe I am who I claim to be? Were you this stringent when people show up with cheques in my name, to take money out from my account?

As I needed to update my signature, I was told to get a queue number for the usual counters. I was told the teller would be able to update my signature and also sight and verify the forms for me. I waited another 30 minutes for my turn. When my turn came, the updating of signature proved uneventful. However, when confronted with the DBS Vickers application forms, the teller did not know what to do. I told her she’s supposed to verify my signature and then send all the forms (including those for the opening of CDP) to their Vickers office. She checked with the male teller next to her and he said the same thing as the lady who was manning the queue.

“We don’t do Vickers here!”

No, you don’t. But you are supposed to facilitate the process, which you clearly do not know. I called the Vickers customer service number again to confirm that they are to help send all the documents to Vickers, and not as what the tellers claimed – that they (Vickers) only needed the Vickers forms while I had to send the CDP forms to CDP myself.

In case you don’t realise what’s going on – I’m on the phone with someone from DBS and passing on their instructions to POSB staff. A member of public linking up two parties in the same organisation.

Finally, they agreed to send all the forms to Vickers for me, and I left. That was about two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I received my forms back in the mail. There were problems with my forms. Firstly, I did not indicate the address of my employer. I didn’t think this was important when I filled in the form, but admittedly it’s an oversight on my part.

The other issues are just hilarious. The POSB staff did not sign the forms after sighting and verifying my signature. The CDP forms I filled in were out-dated (ie. the ones on DBS Vickers’ website are incorrect), and apparently my payslip is required. The last requirement is not mentioned anywhere on their website or during the prior application process. They also asked for a photocopy of my NRIC, which the POSB branch staff already prepared on that day. Apparently it’s gone now (I wonder where it went; should I be worried?).

Being sick of all this, I went direct to DBS Vickers’ office today during lunch. I passed the documents to their staff, who assured me that everything’s in order now and that I can expect my accounts to be ready in about a week.

We’ll see. The process has thus far been painful and at times simply ridiculous.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016  

[Batman v Superman]

Batman V Superman Potato Chips

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Saturday, March 05, 2016  

[I love noodles!]

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016  

[Limited edition!]

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Sunday, February 14, 2016  

[Rainy V-Day...]

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016  

[Life in prison...]

Last night, when I caught a view of the block of flats opposite mine, a thought hit me.

As it was night-time, the people who were home all had their lights on. Mine is a pretty new estate and this is the first time I’ve seen so many lights on in the block opposite mine. The light from inside their flats, coupled with the black window frames, reminded me of one thing.


The prisons in Singapore don’t look like that, obviously. But it does look like something out of Prison Break. That’s when it hit me. We spend 8-10 hours a day at work either in a small cubicle or in a small room. Most of us would wish to be anywhere else but there. We have no choice as we need the money to survive. A small, little space we can’t quite leave. That’s prison if you ask me.

At the end of the day, we get off work and go home. Back to another (although bigger by comparison) small space we call “home”. To rest and recharge, to prepare for another soul-sucking, meaningless day at work. So really, we are prisoners in our own home, a “prison” we paid for. And in Singapore, it’s not even really yours. You paid for it, but it’s yours for only 99-years. Lovely.

Is this the way we’re supposed to live? Destined to be stuck at “jobs” that don’t really matter in the long-run and spending whatever free time we have to recharge ourselves, to convince ourselves that it’s not that bad? To spend most of our lives at “work” so we have the resources to enjoy ourselves during the little free time that we have?

There should be more to life than this.

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Sunday, January 03, 2016  

[What are you looking at?]

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015  


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015  

[My experience with Image Creative...]

I received the keys to my BTO flat in July last year. I engaged Image Creative for my flat’s renovations. There were some hiccups along the way, but nothing too major and I suppose it’s normal for some hiccups to happen along the way.

It’s what happened after the renovation was done, during the warranty period, that changed my impression of Image Creative.

Early this year, I spotted some water-marks on one of my interior walls. The one between the MBR and the middle bedroom. The only possible water source would be the air-con pipings. I notified my ID from Image Creative and she sent the air-con guys down to take a look. The air-con guys told me there was nothing wrong with the air-con pipings, seeing how the boxed-up trunking was completely dry. They told me to try repairing the damage using sealer, before repainting the wall.

That worked for a while. No more water-marks were seen. Until recently, when I noticed there are water-marks on the other side of the same wall:

I didn’t notice it until recently as much of the wall was hidden behind my MBR door. I tried contacting my ID, but could not locate her. The warranty on the renovation work ends on 14 Dec, so I didn’t want to wait and called Image Creative on 8 Dec. The lady who answered my call said she had to check with her boss and get someone to call me back. I also found out that the my ID has left the Image Creative.

I called Image Creative again the next day when I didn’t hear from them. This time, the lady who answered the call (I believe it’s the same person) directed my call to someone. This person sounded rather impatient and kept saying “okay” as I was explaining the issue. When I asked what the remedial actions would be, he said he would find a tiler to come down to take a look. I didn’t realise it at the time, but afterwards I wondered whether was he even really listening since I don’t know what good would a tiler be in a situation like this. Anyway, I asked who was I speaking to, in case I had to contact him again. He told me his name was Randy.

After I put down the phone, I did a search online. Image Creative was started by three brothers, Roger, Elson and Randy Tan. I don’t know if it was the same Randy I spoke with on the phone.

Sad to say, I never heard back from Image Creative. And my warranty from them has since lapsed.

I did subsequently follow-up on this matter on my own, and my ID got back to me as well, so the matter is on the way to being resolved. I am, however, terribly disappointed with Image Creative. They did not honour their warranty and left their customer in the lurch. Thank goodness my ID was willing to make a trip down (even though she has left Image Creative) to examine the issue and advise me.

Because of this recent incident, I find it hard to recommend Image Creative to anyone who’s looking to renovate their flat. Problems with renovation may not always be immediately apparent, so it's important to find a renovation company who will do the proper follow-up and honour their warranty commitments.

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