Monday, July 14, 2014  

[How do you want to go?]

On my way to work this morning, there was an old man on the bus. The bus was packed, and no one offered him a seat. Either that, or someone did and he declined.

After a while, it became very evident that there was a urine stench coming from him. He was drooling slightly, and was blowing spit bubbles at his mouth.

Clearly, he’s not in the pink of health.

My maternal grandfather passed away when I was about five years old. He had his share of health issues, one of which required him to carry a urine bag with him. So yes, he smells like urine too. I was young, but I still remembered it vividly. He eventually became senile in his later years before he passed away.

My maternal grandmother was also in ill health for a long time before she passed on. My paternal grandfather passed away after a short bout of illness, while my paternal grandmother passed away in her sleep, and was in seemingly good health prior to that.

Seeing that old man on the bus today got me thinking. Death is a part of life. Something we all have to face one day. When our time comes, how do we want to go? Without warning? So there’s no suffering, no burden on anyone. But you may not get the chance to get closure, to say what you want to say. On the other hand, if it was a drawn-out affair, we would have enough time to say what we want to say. To have closure, but also (probably) place some burden on our loved ones.

When your time comes, how do you want to go?

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Very thoughtful musings you have there.. This is a reflection that more people may have nowadays. Previously I think the older generation shun the thoughts and talk of their own deaths, which can result in issues for their family
when they need to make medical decisions. It's called "Advance Care Planning".
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