Thursday, April 24, 2014  

[Visa status, my ass...]

I listed my resume on several job listing websites some time back, when I was looking for a job. I've gotten a job since then, but I've left my resume details listed. I figured there's no harm in doing so. There is a chance that a recruiter may see my resume and contact me for a better position.

This means I've been receiving emails from recruiters on a regular basis. It's not too hard to figure out what they are doing, in some cases. They simply mass-email all the people who turns up in a search they did, and hope that enough of them respond. I know this, because the serious ones will call you and basically conduct a preliminary phone interview first, before sending you the JD.

Nevertheless, I look at the emails they send from time to time. Unless I can tell from the subject that it's not something I would be interested in, I usually will open the email and take a look.

One of the things I've noticed recently is that recruiters are now asking for visa status. This never happened before in the past. In fact, if they bothered to look through my resume, they would know this doesn't apply to me. Another indicator that they are just mass-emailing people.

Singapore has changed. It's no longer a Singapore for Singaporeans. I know of no other country in the world that has such a liberal attitude towards allowing foreigners to work in their country. The way they are giving out citizenship these days, is like how credit card promoters give out application forms.

I hope enough Singaporeans will do the right thing come 2016. We need to take back Singapore. Singapore should belong to her citizens. And not be a place where economic refugees leech off of.

And certainly not a place where foreign nationals think it is okay to walk around thinking they own the country.

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