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[This is a rant post...mostly...]

I went for a check-up today. One of the tests they did was an eye test. After it was over, I asked how did I do. I was curious because this was the first eye test I had since I had Lasik. To be honest, while I am enjoying the freedom of not having to wear glasses and contacts, my vision now is not as good as when I wore contacts.

So my conversation with the clinic assistant went something like this:

Me: How did I do for the vision test?
Her: Okay.
Me: What is the result of my eye test?
Her: It is confidential.
Me: The results of my eye test is confidential for me?
Her: *sheepish smile*

Luckily, the doctor had more sense. She told me when I asked her. I wasn't too happy with my results. But I suppose it is due to the test being done in the morning and my vision is usually not as good in the mornings because my eyes are drier then.

After my check-up, I went to take the lift down. There wasn't too many people around. An ang-moh with his wife and kid in a stroller asked me if I was waiting for the lift. I said yes, and he told me to queue up, otherwise, it would take forever.

I was too shocked to respond. So I didn't say anything. But neither did I "queue up" anyway. When the next lift came, I got in before him and his family.

All I felt then was anger. I don't know why. So on my way to the bus-stop, I calmed down and thought about why I was angry.

I know why he said what he said. He has probably been stuck at the lift landing for a while because he couldn't get lift with enough space for his stroller. The lifts are usually quite full as it was quite close to the ground floor.

But that's my problem. First of all, we don't queue for lifts in Singapore. If you want to queue for a lift, then go back to your fuckin' country, white boy. It is your fault for bringing a stroller that couldn't fit in the lift. If you had any sense, you would have taken a lift that went up (if it had less people) and then come down. So no, I wasn't going to queue for a lift. I don't care if you never got into one. And you're in my country. Don't tell me what to do.

I was on a bus earlier and saw a Taoist priest conducting prayers at a road junction with some people. My bus stopped right at the junction and the people in the group kept looking at the bus. As luck would have it, I was seated on the aisle seat behind the driver and got a front-seat view of the proceedings.

Not too sure what all that was about. I don't think is was for an accident victim. I don't recall hearing of any accidents there. There weren't any "Appeal for Witness" signs there neither.

Remember the woman from China who came to Singapore to look for her missing daughter? She wore this sandwich-board and spent her time near the Buddhist temple in Bugis? Just before they came, they found a body of a dead woman in a park (near my place). They thought that was her daughter. It wasn't.

I suspect prayers were being offered for that dead woman. They are building condominiums near that junction. To be honest, I like that area. My running route takes me there. It's peaceful...The only problem is the monkeys that visit from Bukit Timah Hill. And it's also very eerie at night.

Seeing them offering the prayers only made it more eerie.

I am so sick of public transport. Yes, another rant about public transport.

Do you have little things that piss you off? Something that other people may find really insignificant, but for some reason, it just really pisses you off? I know my colleague has this thing whereby she hates the sound people making by using a metal spoon to stir their coffee or tea. Public transport is my trigger.

I missed a bus just now. I knew I was in for a long wait. My record for waiting for that bus was 35 minutes. So whenever I missed that bus, I would take a cab instead. I waited for over 30 minutes. No bus, no cab. Well, actually there were cabs...But all of them were hijacked by hookers who were waiting about 30 metres ahead of me. I finally managed to get a cab after about 30 minutes.

This is so ridiculous...Considering the fact that if I got onto my bus, the trip would only take about 10-15 minutes.

Public transport is shit. Cars are expensive. Cabs are nowhere to be found when you need one. What the hell am I supposed to do? Flap my arms and fly?

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