Sunday, September 19, 2010  


I saw this outside today:

You know how water dispensers usually have two settings - hot and cold? This one is special. You get to choose from hot or warm. No cold. I thought that was kinda weird.

The thing is, the machine came with those cone-shaped cups for holding the water.

I didn't realise it was hot and warm only...I pushed on the blue lever and was surprised that semi-hot water came out (I thought it was actually still pretty hot). I'm not sure was it due to the heat of the water or my hand trying to compensate, but the cone-shaped cup changed shape and I had to quickly gulp down the warm water before it went everywhere.

This is a shitty water dispenser.

Manchester United versus Liverpool in about one hour's time. Parents watching a charity show on TV in the living room. Someone singing outside...Not too sure whether is it coming from the Community Centre or the field opposite. In any case, it is bloody annoying.

I'm gonna turn up the volume later when the match starts.

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