Saturday, September 25, 2010  

[Disgusting people...]

I was on the bus earlier and saw this guy doing something really disgusting. He was seated opposite me across the aisle and I first spotted him because he was very fidgety and kept changing his position from the aisle seat to the window seat and vice versa.

He started digging his nose. Very vigorously. I mean, okay, we all dig our noses, but most of us (read: civilised people) do so in the privacy of our own homes and not out in public. And certainly not in such a vigorous manner. He kept at it for a while, flicking his "product" away and touching the seat handles in front of him.

I tried to take a picture of him but I wasn't fast enough. He switched seats. To the empty seats behind me. I pretended to look out the window, but what I was really doing was keeping watch on him. He stopped for a while and then continued digging his nose again. This time, I was watching him very closely because I wanted to make sure he did not flick any of it at me.

When he finally alighted, I stared at him as he sat down at the bus-stop. He saw that I was staring at him and gave me a totally innocent look.

Shortly after, I was on another bus and this time, I was seated at the last row. On the other end, was this champion...

He took off his shoes and put them next to the window. There is a small "ledge" on the left side of the bus if you're sitting in the last row. That's where his shoes were.

He spent the entire time like this. With his eyes closed, and he kept brushing his hair with his fingers. I don't know what's with this guy. Maybe he's high.

Who the hell takes their shoes off on the bus? I mean, seriously? What the hell's the matter with you?

Due to my change of jobs, I would be carrying a camera phone full-time soon. Hopefully this means there would be more pictures on my blog again. I realise in the past, most posts come without pictures. I still see all sorts of weird shit, but it doesn't make as much sense to blog about them without pictures. I saw a crazy-ass guy on the bus the other day. There was no way I could describe what he did using words alone. If only I had my camera phone with me then. The pictures would have been epic.

Sometimes I wonder...Has there always been this many weirdos in Singapore? Or is it a recent development? What the hell happened?

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