Monday, August 23, 2010  

[Life is complicated...]

I graduated from NUS in Dec 2007. I find that my life has gotten a lot more complicated since then.

I like to think of my life in three aspects - my personal life, my work life, and NS. They are sort of like Venn diagrams...Sometimes they overlap. But I do my best to make it such that they are three distinct circles.

I had some issues to resolve in my NS circle and I'm done with them. For now. I've completed my IPT so I wouldn't need to think about it again until after my next birthday. I wanted to achieve something else as well but that looks like a lost cause. Whatever. I can forget about this circle for now and in any case, I only need to deal with this for five more years.

Work. I haven't found any purpose in my work for a while. Not really happy nor motivated doing what I'm doing right now. Things look like they may change, both from within and from without. It is one big mess...Thinking about it makes my head explode.

Personal life. Things are moving. Really moving. Sometimes I'm not sure if this is even what I want. You know how when you're a kid and your parents bought you the toy you wanted? The moment you walk out of the toy-store, you see another kid with a better toy and now you want that instead. Yeah. It's like that.

Sometimes I just feel like disappearing for a while. To a place where no one can find me. Where it's just me and my computer. Let me relax for a while, before I sort all these things out.

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