Sunday, June 27, 2010  

[Robinsons Warehouse Sale]

I went to Robinsons Warehouse Sale at Expo yesterday. I like warehouse sales. You never know what you're going to find.

Because it was a Saturday, it was quite crowded. Lots of people, although I've experienced worse. I didn't really expect to buy anything, but ended up with three shirts.

The thing about such sales is that people tend to put a lot of items into their baskets and when they're lining up to queue, change their minds and leave their items all over the place. We saw snacks, dehumidifiers, and other stuff being left behind along the route to the cashier. This item, however, made me laugh a little...

Panties wrapped around one of the poles guiding the queue. Haha!

Anyway...I ran into an old friend at the sale. I haven't seen him since we graduated from Poly, and he hasn't changed one bit. I guess he has one of those faces that never grow old.

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