Saturday, May 08, 2010  

[Random thoughts from in-camp training...]

I don't understand why do other people say that ICT is great and they can't wait to go back. Why is it like a holiday chalet for other people, and it's as tough as hell for me?

I've made my peace with the fact that it will always be tougher for me. I have two weapons instead of one, so weapon revision takes twice as long for people in my vocation than for the rest of the company.

But why assign people in my vocation to work on the vehicles as well? That's just madness.

If they are not going to take care of me, then I need to take care of myself.

It's been eight years since we enlisted. Practically everyone has gained weight. Why do they still expect us to perform like 18-year olds is beyond me. This is a good way to have someone drop dead.

Be realistic. We are citizen soldiers, not professionals like in the US or UK. Expectations should be realistic.

Do you watch Survivor? If you don't, I suggest you start. I've learnt many things about human behaviour from the show. Some of it could even be applied in NS.

It's sad (although kinda funny) to see when someone simply doesn't get that nobody likes him.

We take a lot of things for granted. Sometimes it is good to leave everything behind and be cut off from the real world for a while. Gives you perspective.

Remember when we were kids? Our parents will tell us to study hard, go to University, find a good job, make good money, and life will be good. Well, at least, mine did. I believe all Asian parents tell their children something similar.

But more and more often, I find that this is wrong.

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