Friday, May 14, 2010  

[End of ICT...]

We managed to out-pro today without much fanfare. We had a new CSM this year...Not sure exactly what happened to our previous guy. Anyway, the new guy's much better.

I have a lot of mixed thoughts about ICT. Right now, I am adjusting back to the real world. Have you ever had to miss the middle of a movie? It feels like that for me right now.

Not entirely happy with how things turned out during ICT. Sometimes I wonder why am I so unlucky to be placed in a platoon of monkeys. All we had to do was clean up our bunks and we were good to go, and they decide that time could be better spent by lying on the beds.

This is just one of many incidents that make me wonder - we are all hitting 30 soon, but have we gotten more mature? I don't think so. These people are of a different background from myself and I supposed I shouldn't expect them to think like me or have the same mindset. After all, they are monkeys.

This is the second time I out-pro with a runny nose. I nearly died the first time. I'm not kidding...I actually passed out on my feet for a second the first time. It wasn't as bad today, and I already went to my GP to get the meds I needed.

Life is back to normal. Sort of.

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