Tuesday, March 30, 2010  

[Lousy customer service...]

There's this local tourist attraction...Let's call it F. I don't think it's doing too well because it's too expensive and was in the news for all the wrong reasons some time back. They are currently having a corporate discount with my company and I decided to take them up on it.

The discount was valid for visits from 1-Apr-2010 to 30-Jun-2010. I emailed them today to inquire about making a booking for 9-Apr. To their credit, they called me in the afternoon and I appreciated that.

What I didn't appreciate was being told that I cannot make a booking right now because it isn't 1-Apr-2010 yet. But wasn't this limit only for the visit days? Oh no, it applies to booking date as well.

Seeing how we are two days away from 1-Apr-2010, I asked whether do I need to make another booking enquiry two days later, or will they KIV my booking request and make the booking for me in two days' time. Oh, I have to book all over again? Great.

They are probably constrained by their internal processes, but seriously, what kind of customer service is this?

Such high hopes...

Personally, I wouldn't go even if it was free. I wouldn't go even if they paid me the same amount.

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