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I tried Singtel Stadium again shortly after my previous post. This time, the Mlian-Man United match is up, so I proceeded to purchase the match. After entering my credit card details and waiting forever, this is what I got:

What the hell!? Definitely not what you'd want to see after sending your credit card details over. If not for the SMS that Citibank sends me everytime my card is used, I wouldn't have known if the transaction was successful or not.

After that, I went to look for the match I purchased:

There was nothing. This is what I meant earlier when I mentioned that the flash components loaded but the data did not. The same thing happened when I went to look at my transaction history:

I like the idea of watching the matches online this way, where we only pay for the matches we are interested in. The concept, in itself, gets full-marks from me. But Singtel's execution needs to improved, drastically.

The match was delivered via flash video. There were supposed to be two options, 512kbps or 1Mbps. I didn't see these options. But I believe the one I watched was the 1Mbps version. The question is, since most of the traffic should be local, why can't they offer higher quality settings than that? The video was delivered in SD format, which may be due to the signal origin, but I think Singtel should work to deliver the matches in HD.

The flash video player itself was also a letdown. There was one very big flaw with it. While it was helpful to know where you are as you are scrolling through the video, there was no indication of where you were in the video as you are playing it. What's the point of letting us know where we are scrolling to where we don't even know where we were?

Singtel needs to get its act together. There are issues with their mioTV, their Internet service (which I've experienced for ages, but it seems that it was only recently discovered by other users and there was a huge hoo-ha about it on the local forums when one of the customer service officers seemed to suggest that the user who called through was lying about the problems he was experiencing), and their online delivery of Champions League matches. The concept is good, but they really, really need to work on the execution.

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