Sunday, February 14, 2010  

[Let's cuddle...]

Indian men are very touchy with each other. And when I say Indian men, I mean men who are actually from India, not the local, Singaporean Indians. I learnt about it from one of Russell Peters' comedy routines, which to be honest, I thought was a bunch of BS until I saw it myself at a shopping centre. Two Indian men, probably construction workers, holding each others' hands and walking along merrily. I thought it was creepy.

Today on the MRT, I saw this pair of Indian men standing chest to chest, and one of them rested his chin on the other's shoulder as he made a phone call. Shoulder-man playfully (I'm not shitting you) pushed him away.

Upon doing so, White-T-Shirt ran over (again, I'm not shitting you) and proceeded to put his arms around the waist of Shoulder-man in a loving embrace.

I know this is how they behave, but truth be told, I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing it.

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I'm Canadian Indian, and this is just jokes! I never seen this sort of behaviour at all. The fact that they are holding on to this habit, despite probably realizing that the people around them aren't doing it is just astonishing!
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