Tuesday, February 09, 2010  

[Get some real friends...]

I did my NS in a unit, with people who were enlisted direct to the unit. Better known as "mono-intake". These are people with usually-complicated backgrounds, and for some of them, the lights are on but nobody's home. People whom I would otherwise not associate with.

One of them added me on Facebook. I don't think of him as a "friend". I don't think much of him at all, to be honest. He wore SAF running shoes, old slacks, and a "Once a Saint, Always a Saint" t-shirt to an officer's wedding at Sentosa, when the dress code was formal. The best part was he never went to SAJC. In fact, he never went to JC and probably never will. A "Where Every Student Thrives" t-shirt might have been more appropriate.

I added him as a friend. More out of pity than anything. And now that I've added him, he's started suggesting I add other "friends" as well.

How pathetic can you be? We're not "friends" to begin with. I added you out of pity, and now you've taken it one step further to suggest that I add other people whom I see only once a year at ICT and whom I've never spoken more than five words to?

Get a fuckin' life. You need one.

I thought I've outgrown my allergy to shellfish. I was wrong.

Had a new type of allergy attack just now. I now know what some people meant when they say their throat is "closing up". Not a nice feeling. And to be honest, I was pretty freaked out.

I think I really should go see a specialist soon. Just to figure everything out.

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