Tuesday, January 26, 2010  

[Logic error...]

There's this article about how this plump girl went online, looking for a date on Valentine's Day and being the target of some not-so-nice remarks due to her physical appearance.

Towards the end of the article, the reporter asked a psychiatrist's opinion on her motivations for doing so, and his reply was truly epic. I quote:
"Firstly, she's mature and confident. She would have expected such a backlash but she's unfazed by it.

Or she's immature and lacks confidence. All this may be pure fun to her and gives her attention wanted.
So she's either mature and confident, or she's not. Epic. I can be a psychiatrist too.

This is almost as bad as our weather forecasts. "Temperature at a high of 32-degrees and at a low of 24-degrees". What kind of shit forecast is that? Doesn't that just about covers the entire range of temperature we get on this god-forsaken island?

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