Wednesday, January 13, 2010  

[High call volume...Not!]

I called Citibank again just now to sort out the annual fee issue. There is also an issue with me being unable to receive the OTP, which I suspect has something to do with my Dividend card upgrade.

Anyway, since the end of last year, it seems that there is always a "high call volume", and callers are invited to leave their contact numbers behind for one of their CSOs to call back.

I decided to wait today. Within two seconds, my call was picked up.

High call volume? Really?

Anyway, this makes the third CSO I spoke to about the silly annual fee. I hope this matter can be settled without anymore calls.

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Go down to their bank to settle everything once and for all is easier. I had enough of their nonsense via the phone and email service. I settled everything in one trip down to their bank.

But their branches are few and far between leh...I don't want to have to take leave just for this. I think I saw some of their branches open on weekends. Maybe if I pass by...

Actually I can't remember if the branch I thought I saw was Citibank or StanChart. They have similar colours...
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