Wednesday, December 16, 2009  


My new 10Mbps Internet plan was activated today. Some problems:

Problem 1: The speed I am getting now is 6.5Mbps.

Problem 2: It might be due to my modem. It's old (Prolink Hurricane 9000C) and doesn't support ADSL2+. But still, ADSL should have no problem supporting 10Mbps downstream.

Problem 3: I have a Thomson Speedtouch 536. It's supposed to be able to support ADSL2+. I got it almost two years ago and never used it. I tried earlier, but it simply cannot connect to Singnet. I've successfully setup the same modem for my aunt before...So I can't figure out what's wrong here.

Hopefully when the new modem comes on Fri, all these problems will be solved.

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Cool! So that means the potential limit / line is 6.5 Mibps now! =)

Time to upgrade my internet speed to 5Mibps. LOL. =p

Hmm, regarding your modem, it might be due to the settings inside the modem? Got some whacky numbers you need to configure one?

Actually, the limit should be 24 Mbps. That's the fastest possible speed of ADSL2+.

I tried changing the ADSL config in the modem, to no avail. Based on the info from Wikipedia, the settings I chose should give me a possible downstream of 12 Mbps, but I'm still stuck at 6.5 Mbps.

I think maybe the Speedtouch has been in storage for too long and has pretty much died. I think the bottleneck now may be due to my current old modem. Hopefully the modem which they are sending me on Fri will solve everything.
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