Wednesday, December 30, 2009  

[Bret Hart's back!]

So it's confirmed. Bret Hart will be the guest host of next week's RAW.

I can't decide whether am I excited to see him in a WWE ring again, or be disgusted that he kinda sold out. Then again, he already "sold out" in the past when he endorsed the DVD they put together for him. Which I am thankful for, because it contained some of his best matches.

I think I'm mostly excited. His style of wrestling may be considered boring or ho-hum by today's standards, but during his time, he was truly one of the very best.

Have you ever read one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books while growing up? Not sure if they still have them. Don't see them around anymore.

Remember how you would put your finger at the page where you made a decision? If it turned out crappy, you would go back and pick the other option?

Wouldn't it be nice if we can do that in real life?

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not sure if he's wrestling, i think he's just guest hosting

and those adventure books seem to be making a combat with the new Fighting Fantasy books
I read that he might do a match with McMahon. Considering his injuries, he really has no business and should not be taking a bump of any sort.
Lonewolf series!
Grandmaster Kai!

TNA having head-to-head with them and their reply is Bret Hart vs McMahon? Seriously?
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