Tuesday, December 22, 2009  

[10Mbps babeeee!!]

So this morning, after breakfast, I took out the new 2Wire modem which I got from Singnet after upgrading my Internet plan. I connected it, and as before, no go. A connection can't be made, ATM circuit cannot be found, etc.

Since the Singnet technician was coming later, I left it there so I could show him the problem later when he got here.

I did something else for a while, and the next time I looked at the modem, it was connected.

Everything was working now. I did speed tests with both Singnet's FTP as well as some speed test websites. I'm getting 10Mbps. I don't know what happened. I certainly didn't make any changes to anything on my end. I tried with the SpeedTouch modem and it was still unable to connect. So the conclusion I drew is - When you change a modem, it won't be able to connect. Leave it there for a while and let it sync or something like that.

10Mbps baby! W00t!

I called Singnet's Tech Support to try and cancel the appointment with the technician but they were unable to contact him (?) and he came anyway. I felt bad for him. They were serious. There were two of them. With cables, a ladder, trunking and everything. I was actually very impressed with them...Considering what they brought, they seemed to be ready for anything.

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Wow, congrats bro!
Keep me updated about your home Mio plan? See whether the analogue version of the Mio plan really got improved?

I'm not on Mio plan leh...Just 10Mbps ADSL.
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