Monday, November 09, 2009  

[Privacy issues...]

I was at Carl's Jr at Marina Square last Saturday. They had these "tell us how we did" cards on every table.

I opened up the one on the table I was at and guess what?

It's filled in. Left behind by a customer the day before.

Please don't do stuff like this. Now any creep who sits at this table has your name, address, and email address. Imagine the info I can find out about this person just via Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, I tried. I really tried. Everytime I login with the intention of properly setting up the damn thing and being more active on it, I give up within five minutes.

I can't stand the website. With everyone uploading their pictures, trying to prove to others that they have a great life and have that many friends. I don't know why...But I just can't get my head wrapped around that concept. Okay, I realise that some of my cousins, having grown up, are really hot, and that some of the people I've lost touch with are pretty much still losers, but I still cannot be motivated enough to be active on the damn site.

Maybe I'll try again this weekend.

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