Wednesday, November 25, 2009  

[Blind fury...]

Bad day at work today. I've got a ball of anger in my chest right now, hopefully by the time I'm done writing it all down, I'd feel better.

I turned on my computer after being away on MC for one day and there were 40+ unread emails. Great. I went through them pretty quick. Nothing major, except in instances where the new manager replied. I honestly don't know how I can work with her in the long-term. She's got her head stuck so far up her ass and she doesn't even know it. She shot herself in the foot so many times I'm surprised she can still walk and stand on those mangled feet.

After lunch, the monthly anti-virus scanning kicked in. It started at about 2pm and everything on my computer basically died. I think it's so ironic that the word "technology" is in our company's name but we can't even get something like virus scanning done correctly. Whenever the virus scanning happens, my computer gets so lagged that nothing works. I usually lose about three hours of productivity when this happens. There's nothing I could do.

I waited till 6pm and my computer was still not responsive. Outlook was dead, as was Office, IE, and everything else. I gave up and did a force-shutdown via the power button. Booting up takes roughly five minutes to complete, which is a long time considering it is a dual-core machine running WinXP.

I looked through the new emails which I received in those four wasted hours and replied the more urgent ones. When I'm done, it was already after 8pm.

My mood was pretty bad at that point. The shitty things the new manager did while I was away coupled with the stupid computer has made me insanely angry and there weren't any outlet for me to vent my anger on. Maybe that was a good thing.

I headed down to the road to hail a cab. Lots of cabs came by. 60% of them were "on call". They really weren't. What they do is, they park somewhere near my office and wait for the phone bookings from people working around my office area. That place is a ghost town after 7pm and people who work late tend to call for cabs.

As for the "green" cabs, none of them stopped for me. I wonder why. Didn't the media recently reported that cab ridership is down? You'd never know with all the "green" cabs whizzing by without stopping. At that moment, I really wished that I had my own car. I just want to get home as soon as I could, without being at the mercy of our let's-be-honest-it's-really-shit public transport system.

After 20 futile minutes, my regular bus came and I decided to take it. Reached home about an hour ago.

I feel a little better. But I'm still angry. I wonder why I put up with this shit. I once promised myself that I would never stay at a job I didn't like just because it paid well. That seems to be what I'm doing right now.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day. At least...The evening should be.

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