Monday, September 21, 2009  


My plans for the evening got cancelled. Which is fine by me. I didn't really feel like going out, to be honest.

Woke up with a bit of runny nose. It's my allergies acting up again. I took a quarter of the pill I usually take and it wasn't too bad. I wasn't too sleepy and the runny nose stopped. It's starting up again, so I will probably take some more after dinner and hit the sack early.

I've been looking forward to this three-day extended break for the longest time. I was really stressed at work over the last few weeks. The three days passed so quickly. And instead of getting recharged, I feel more burnt-out than ever.

Things have been going on at work. Due to my supervisor not getting along with a certain Director, our team was being broken up. My colleague already got transferred to support another department and a new girl has taken his place. While it hasn't been officially communicated to me, I know my supervisor will be transferred come Oct 1st and who his new replacement will be. For me, I have three options.

One, I can stay at my current role and work with the new girl and the new supervisor. The new girl, who is holding a more senior position than myself, isn't working out. She doesn't do as she's told, her staff work is shit, and her work-rate is low. The new supervisor is supposedly an okay fella...But I wouldn't know for sure until I work with him. The good thing about staying is that I would already know the job scope and, in fact, would be the most experienced of the three of us. Which isn't saying much since I'm still learning. However, this means being transferred over to the above-mentioned Director's department for me. I don't care much for her.

Two, I can request for a transfer to another department. A very specific department, doing the things that I was "trained" to do during my time in NUS. Sounds great, except that my supervisor over there would not be an easy person to handle. And all the people there are very experienced so I don't know how I would match up against them. They should have realistic expectations of me if I go over, but I really don't know. Plus, I really have no clear idea of what working over there entails.

Three, I can quit and find something else. I never really expected to stay at this job forever anyway. Very few people stay for life at their first job. If I were to look for something else, I don't think companies in the private sector can match my current pay. After taking into account my bonus and stuff, my total annual cash is pretty respectable for someone in my position. I seriously doubt it can be matched by the companies in the private sector. I can always apply for jobs in a related Ministry, but I don't know....The good thing is, they don't encourage OT and you can't bring work home with you. And the pay is supposed to be a little better. Better pay, better work-life balance. Sounds too good to be true?

Right now, I'm leaning towards option one. Two of my closer colleagues have advised me to pick option one instead of two. Even my current supervisor has hinted that I should not think about option two right now.

While I'm leaning towards option one, I'm still wrestling with the idea of two and three. Particularly, three. If I'm lucky, I may even be able to walk to work. Then again, if I pick three, should I just concentrate my efforts...there? Or should I look further and elsewhere as well?

What I need...Is a crystal ball. So I can see how each decision would turn out.

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Option 3 may not be a good idea now as the public sector market is flooded with garduates with good honours. Unless you are able to go for interviews to clinch a place in the other public sectors first then option 3 probably might be a good idea.

Of course I will find something first before leaving...
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