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Do you know why so many China products are basically epic phails? It's all because of their QC process, as the following pictures show...

A guy, staring very hard at a small bottle.

What's he doing?

Unless this guy has insane Superman vision of some sort, I don't know how this qualifies as inspecting a vial of vaccine. He's just looking at a bottle, very hard. It could be water inside the vial, for all we know.

In my workplace, we try to be very careful with what we send out in emails. The stuff we write, as innocent as they may be to us, can easily be turned around and used against us if we're not careful. I always read my email a few times before clicking the "Send" button. I try to see if the message I'm sending may be misinterpreted in some way.

I spotted something in the papers today that could illustrate what I mean.

What they mean, is that their prices are cheaper than Comex. But interpreted in a slightly different way, it could also mean that they are giving away their stuff for free.

Think about it.

Something's wrong with Firefox. It doesn't load Blogger properly. I have no issues whatsoever with IE6, which is what I'm using now to compose this entry.

Things at work could be better. The new girl isn't really working out. It doesn't feel like she's part of the team. It feels like my supervisor and I are doing one thing, while she's doing something else. I try to go with the flow and do the best I can with what I've been given. It's not too bad so far, but it could be better.

Even if we were in the same office, I'm not sure if things would work out any better. I don't think I'd get along all that great with this girl. My colleague, whom she replaced, said that she's rather defiant. I agree. She doesn't do as she's told and my supervisor has no control over her. Mainly because while we're in the same "team" and have the "same" supervisor, she reports to someone else, and is mentored by someone else. Three different sources of...influence. I would go crazy.

I'm more concerned about my own future. What is likely to happen is that after our new supervisor comes over, I would have to move over as well and bid farewell to my current supervisor. I don't really mind working under a different guy. My current supervisor can be difficult at times. Then again, the new guy brings with him a new working style so it's hard to say if life would be any better.

If all this is not enough, lunch at work has turned into a political game.

Let me start at the beginning. Ever so often, I would tweet about someone in the office acting cute and how it's driving me crazy. She is a 31-year old woman with two sons, with the elder one in Pri 4. Do the maths.

But that's not the point. The point is, that for someone with two sons and over 30, she still acts like a little girl. She won't go for lunch if it's just with the guys. Girls must be present. What the fuck is this? Kindergarten? Guys are eeky?

She laughs at every single little shit thing. Her laughter is so forced and fake and makes me want to put a pencil up my nose into my brain and poke the memory away.

She's fat. And all she wants is her walnut cake. Seriously, how about a salad? If your ass gets any bigger, you're going to need to wear two pairs of those granny panties that you wear. Yes, we can all see your VPL. One of the few times I wished I didn't go for Lasik. By the way, she always have them, even when wearing jeans. I'm not kidding. Her ass is that big and her underwear is that ugly.

I try to get along with everyone at work, so I put up with her shit. Once in a while, I would tease her or even put her down in front of everyone because I simply couldn't take it anymore. Recently, she said something that made me pretty angry. A colleague was involved in an accident and fractured her pelvis on both sides. When we brought up the idea of sending her a get-well basket (which we have done before in the past for other colleagues on long MC), she said that it wasn't necessary because it wasn't "serious enough".

From then on, I decided. She's not a good person. And her husband deserves a medal for being a better man than I am - He is able to put up with her. Maybe she tricked him into having a baby with him (done the maths yet?).

Now, she has taken things to the next level and made things sort of personal. We used to all go for lunch in a big group. Now, she informs her clique and they sneak off somewhere quietly.

It might not sound like a big deal, but if you were there, you'd know that it's more...serious than it sounds. It's like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Everyone feels odd, but no one wants to talk about it.

I know that there's no way for me to "win over" the people in her clique. I don't intend to. It's time for me to sow the seeds of discontent...In the people remaining behind who can be easily influenced.

My policy towards office politics has always been this: Play, or be played. I spent the first year acting the fool, keeping quiet and building up a mental profile of everyone. Now it's time.

Let the games begin.

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machiam survivor like that.
she does sound irritating.. but don't waste too much of your energies la. what goes around comes around. maybe for her it just takes longer cause it takes longer for karma to orbit round her huge ass :P
She probably looked better then and so her voice suited her. I'm surprise people go along with her crazy ways. Good luck!
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