Sunday, August 30, 2009  

[Random stuff...]

Saw this ad on a website...

Who the hell is going to fall for this? So your phone rings and your breasts get bigger? What if I'm a guy? Do I get an erection, then?

Who comes up with this shit?

Saw this book today...

It seems that the British were the ones who invented baseball. Whatever. I thought the title and cover was funny. Especially how you can see the underwear of the second guy from the left. Hahaha!

My horoscope for today...

So accurate, it's scary.

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actually the ring tone thing is shown during a documentary. what they do is sample the sound of baby crying into the ring tone.

it triggers a biological change associated with crying babies and feeding in women

it's researched by the whacky japanese and no it won't give you an erection unless that's how your body reacts subconsciously to crying babies
Well, I had no idea. It's still weird, though.
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