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There seems to be some problem with Singnet and Blogger. The "Create Post" page wouldn't load right without the proxy on. With the proxy on, the page loads right, but only on IE and not on Firefox. Annoying.

In my early experience when switching from Starhub to Singnet, Singnet always had problems displaying some pages if you don't turn proxy on. However, with the proxy on, speeds are limited and you can only have a maximum of five connections (if I remember correctly).

The page display problem (without using proxy) seems to have gotten better over time, but now it's back with a vengeance on Blogger. I'm using IE6 to compose this post now, instead of Firefox. Hope they figure this one out soon. There were problems using Microsoft Update without proxy too.

Male or female? Guess.

It's actually quite obvious. Male. What is it with guys these days? Why are so many of them carrying tote bags? It's so unnatural.

My "room upgrade" plan is finally complete. It started with getting a new bed so that I could maximise the space I had and store my army stuff under my bed. Then I had to get rid of my aquarium so I could get a L-shaped table for my room, because my old computer table did not have space for me to get a new monitor. After getting the monitor, I upgraded my rig. I really planned to stop at getting a new monitor, but decided to get a rig anyway since my display card fried and I was running out of hard disk space. After getting a new rig, I realised that my current UPS was unable to support the higher power demands, so I had to get a new UPS as well.

I got a new UPS yesterday morning from Convergent, and it's finally done. My new setup:

My new rig. Simple casing, but it's really very well-designed. I really like the easy-to-clean fan filter. My previous Cooler-Master failed miserably in this aspect.

The new UPS:

My previous UPS had an output of only 300W. This is definitely not enough for the higher-end DIY systems today. So I switched to this model instead, with an output of 660W. It came with one of the battery connectors disconnected. End-users were supposed to connect the black wire to the positive terminal. However, when I opened up the battery compartment, the black wire was already connected. It was the red wire that was disconnected. It took me a while to figure it out. When I connected the leads, a white spark "flew out" from the connectors. In the end, I connected the leads using a pair of needle-nosed pliers.

That's it. All done. Now I'm ready to take over the world! Hahaha!

Wigan 0 - 5 Manchester United.

Who needs Ronaldo? I think Man United plays more like a team now that he's gone. It used to be "get the ball to Ronaldo". Now everyone plays their part. Players like Nani will get a chance to shine. He has scored two goals from free-kicks recently. May he become the true free-kick specialist, rather than Ronaldo who really only scores from free-kicks 10-15% of the time to my estimation.

I loaded the highlights clip on DailyMotion and saw this next to the video:

I think they either need to redefine what they mean by "related", or work on their search algorithm in this area.

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I like those little chairs. Where did you get them from?
From eBay.

Actually, there are much nicer ones on eBay. But this deck-chair type is the cheapest. Buy three, get one free. I have two on my table at home (for my two phones), one at work, and one for my sister.
It's not just the tote bag. It's the skinny jeans too. Eew.
Oh yes, that too. I don't know how this fad got started. Guys should not wear skinny jeans. It's disgusting.
I bet they didn't know it's bad for health. They've increased the probability of not passing down the "I like to wear skinny jeans" gene.
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