Tuesday, July 21, 2009  

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I've seen many people getting pissed when the Express bus doesn't stop at their stops. But this woman on the bus this morning takes the cake. She kept pressing the bell non-stop, shouted at the driver, and continued doing so after the driver turned around to tell her that the bus doesn't stop along this stretch.

This woman then went to the front to plead with the driver to allow her to alight. The bus was stopped at the time, in the middle lane, waiting to turn right. You know what this means, don't you? If she alighted, there's a pretty good chance that an oncoming car would knock her all the way into the next century since no car driver is going to expect an alighting passenger in this situation.

Said woman kept shouting/asking when is the next stop. The driver told her twice, and then decided to ignore her. When the bus finally stopped and opened the doors, she alighted through the front door - right smack into the horde of people trying to get on.

This woman is living, breathing proof that the gene pool needs a little chlorine.

I think one of my closer friends when I was in Poly....Is gay.

Nothing against gay people. I'm just...Surprised. I guess it sort of makes sense...But he wasn't one of those loud, look-at-me-I'm-so-gay type of person.

Saw a car today. Full of Hello Kitty decals. Filled with Hello Kitty soft toys. And a life-size Hello Kitty in the passenger seat, with the seat-belt fastened.


Saw this guy with Maggi Mee hair, combing his hair furiously today when I got off work. The thing is, with hair texture like that, your hair is "frozen" in one style. That's it. The Maggi Mee style.

Comb all you want, the hair on your head is still going to look like pubic hair.

The last row of seats on the bus is supposed to be for five people. But let's be honest, it can only realistically sit four. Unless you have four petite ladies and one small-sized man. So why do people force their way in? A moron did that today. I didn't make space for him. The guy on his other side did not make space for him. He ended up looking like a squashed sponge, with both his arms sort-of in front of him. He deserved it. I have to put up with thigh-to-thigh contact, he can look like a squashed sponge for all I care.

Public transport is so uncivilised.

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Gay? Who who??? Not from our class right? :P

Btw, u know abt coming Wed? KG ROM...
Not from our class. Don't think you know him.

And yes, I know. But I won't be in SG. :(
hahaha... ok.. :P

wah, u going overseas? Leisure trip?
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