Sunday, July 12, 2009  


The following picture was taken...Somewhere in Singapore.

What the hell is "consex"? Does this place sell items you can use to con someone into having sex with you? Does the authorities know about this?

The poster of PCK is obviously not having the desired effect. This woman is standing right in front of where the train door would open. I think the campaign is stupid, but how can you not laugh when you see PCK in that pose?

I've been thinking about getting a PSP. But after some consideration, I decided against it for now. What I'm really looking for is a Personal Media Player and the features I want can currently be met by my Creative Zen X-Fi.

So while I saved about $350 by not getting a PSP, I blew almost $500 today (or rather, yesterday) by getting the items below.

A new 32GB thumbdrive. I bought a 8GB one recently, the same time I bought my new monitor. I wanted the 16GB one, but they were out of stock. Now my sister needs a bigger one for her HYP, so I sold her the 8GB one and bought the new 32GB one for myself. I don't have much uses for a thumbdrive these days. It's mostly used when I want to transfer something to my sister (or vice versa) and one of our computers is not powered up. If both our systems are on, we would just do it over the network.

I already have the white version of the Seagate FreeAgentGO. Was thinking about getting another one. I believe in mirroring all my data and currently the data in my white FreeAgentGO is not mirrored anywhere else. Decided to get another one after seeing it on offer at $159. I bought the while one when it first came out (I remember hunting it down because most places don't carry it yet) at $289. Ouch.

And finally, DVD+R DL discs. Nothing exciting about that.

I've also been meaning to get a new bag for work. I'm currently still using my Crumpler...Which is fine except that it makes me look like a student on internship. Wanted to get something in leather, but most of the ones I've come across are either not suitable or too expensive.

Finally found one that I thought looks sophisticated enough, well-made (it's a Samsonite) and the price was reasonable. Managed to get 10% off the price using my credit card.

Thank goodness for my bonus this month. Else I would be living on bread and water till my next paycheck.

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maybe... wordplay on concept =)
Think for the bag, you can try considering FX Creations. I also using that. =p

As for your Verbatims, I hope you bought the Made In Japan ones. The Made in Taiwan ones CMI.

I didn't know about the difference between Taiwan and Japan. The ones I bought are made in Taiwan. I've used a few pieces, no problem. What's the difference?

I bought them after someone posted in HWZ about how a certain shop was selling them at $X which was the cheapest in the whole SLS.
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