Monday, July 06, 2009  


I've been allergic to shellfish for as long as I can remember. It's a common allergy. For me, whenever I eat shellfish (like prawns, crabs, etc), my throat gets insanely irritated.

Recently, I realised that I no longer seem to be allergic. Which was weird. According to something I read, if you don't outgrow an allergy by the time you're 5-years old, you're probably going to have that allergy for life. Anyway, I started eating prawns again with little or no effect. The worst "allergic reaction" I've got in recent times is just a slightly irritated throat. Absolutely nothing compared to the discomfort I've felt in the past.

But the allergic reaction may have changed the way it manifests.

I had a packet of fried noodles earlier. There were two prawns inside. I had the prawns, and now I have hives very close to my...happy place. According to my sister (the Life Science major), hives often manifest themselves near the parts of the body where the skin "folds" because there are more immuno cells there.

Hives are gross. They look like some type of STD. I hope they go away soon.

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