Friday, July 03, 2009  


Back from reservist.

I don't know why people say, "So song ah..." when I tell them I need to attend reservist for one week. One of my female colleagues said that when I told her I won't be around this week. Another female friend told me the same thing on MSN.

I want to meet the people who say reservist is slack and they enjoy going back. It's insanely siong for me. Granted, we did the same things we did when we were NSFs, but that was more than five years ago and when I was ten kilos lighter.

Another soldier died today. I think that makes seven in as many months.

What's going on?

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Perhaps a pampered and weaker immunity younger generation. We are doomed!
Or, we could just scrap NS. :P Anyway, the latest one was an accident. Someone will probably have to pay for this lapse.
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