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[Unfit parents?]

I went to collect my new passport today. On the bus to ICA, I overheard this woman in pink talking about this "pui aye" (fat person, not pictured) taking up two seats instead of one. Truth be told, the person she was referring to was way overweight, and did in fact take up two seats. But really, there's not much he could do about it, and it wasn't as if because of him, you didn't get to sit down (she did). I'm sure if given a choice, that guy wouldn't have wanted to be that...huge.

And it's not as if she herself could be a poster child bitch for anorexia.

At the ICA, I saw a series of incidents unfold that made me cringe a little.

This woman was there with her two kids. One was a toddler, still wearing diapers and the other couldn't have been older than 8 or 9.

When I arrived, the woman was changing the diapers of her toddler. You can see it above, next to the pink school-bag. That white thing. It's over-exposed. This is about the best you can get with the camera on a phone. That's not really what I want to mention, so moving on...

First thing that happened...Her older daughter wanted to pick up the sweet wrappers they dropped on the floor, and her Mum told her not to. Excellent parenting skills. The wrappers could be seen in the photo above.

For the longest time, her older daughter sat there with the school-bag on her chest and holding the diaper (with a toy surprise inside). I guess she told them it was going to be their turn soon. But it wasn't. It wasn't their turn, for a very long time. What kind of mother would make her daughter hold a diaper (with fudgie) and not tell her to throw it away or something?

When their turn finally came, she swaggered off to the counter, leaving her older daughter carrying the school-bag, holding the (used, if you haven't figured it out by now) diaper with one hand and herding her toddler sister with the other hand. The distance between her and her children was widening and she did not even look back once, leaving her older daughter to play trash-man, nanny, and bell-boygirl all in one. My sister said the older daughter looked like a maid. I said the mother looked like an unfit parent.

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