Friday, May 25, 2007  


My Dad bought a new door-bell today to replace our old busted one. The old one lasted us 25-years. Not too shabby.

The new door-bell was made in Japan. And yes, the packaging provided loads of laughs.

Here's what it says (comments in red):

Daiyo brand doorbell combines the Japanese electronic technology with "IT". (what's "IT"?) Bring you the powerful function and dependable performance providing the perfect life quality for human (oh yes, my problems are over now)...

ELEGANT PRODUCT, INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE (international certification for a door-bell?)
We understand that customers don't just want the voiced doorbell only. What they need is a kind of culture, a kind of fashion (geez...all I really want is just the door-bell), so we have been developing the product to make customers realize the safe (how dangerous was your previous model?) and dependable international quality.

FACILE (they made so many mistakes before, but they know the meaning of "facile") INSTALLATION SYSTEM
Daiyo brand doorbell is not only an environment protection product (a door-bell that protects the environment..hmmmm...), but also easy installation. Anyone can do it, it is suitable for dwelling house, tier building, multiple apartments, hotel, factory, hospital or any other places.

You can click on it to see a bigger version.

The two greatest contributions of Japan are sushi and Engrish. I enjoy them both.

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