Friday, May 25, 2007  

[End of semester review...]

I haven't talked much about this past semester on my blog (I think). Mainly because...I'm tired. Of the whole thing. Results used to be of utmost importance to me. I don't really feel this way anymore. Now I think it's the process that's more important.

I took four modules this semester, plus my HYP which I totally neglected. I saw this coming. In all the previous semesters, I always took five modules, spent time on four of them and coasted through the last one. The last one was always either on S/U or it was a crap low workload module to begin with.

I'm a lot less worried about my results this time round. In fact, I was more concerned with my HYP (12 credits as compared to the usual 4 for most modules). I did not get nervous until 15 minutes before the results were due to be released.

I already knew that I got a "B" for one of my modules. It wasn't unexpected, I knew I screwed up both the project and the exam. What I didn't expect, was that the results for my other modules more than made up for that. My CAP actually improved. Not by much, but an improvement nevertheless. Anyway, after five semesters, your CAP couldn't improve/fall by too much unless something dramatic happened.

Yay me.

Back to planning for the road ahead.

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