Wednesday, May 16, 2007  

[Colour pencils...]

I was going through some of the things in my drawer yesterday when I came across these:

Pencil leads. They're colour on the outside, but writes like normal pencil lead in black.

I bought them when I was in primary four. That's when I was 10. 15 years ago. I bought a whole bunch of them, and haven't finished using them and it doesn't look like I will, seeing how I am nearly at the end of my academic life.

Maybe it's kind of lame...But seeing them brought back memories of primary school. There were good moments and there were bad ones. I'd like to think that there were more good ones than bad, unlike in secondary school which I was sure had more bad than good.

I've completely lost touch with everyone I knew. I only meet up with one friend from primary school, once in a while, because she's a mutual friend of mine and Cindy's. The only reason that happens is because Cindy is a social butterfly and never runs out of friends. I wonder where everyone is now and what they're up to. I did work with a friend from primary school this past semester and he's kept in touch with a few of them. The topic came up, and he told me what some of our friends were up to. The girls were mostly pretty accomplished, some getting their Masters, some getting married, some already married, etc.

And here I am, all alone and getting my butt kicked by my HYP.

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That's the life for males in Singapore, having to serve the country. Which is why seldom same age couples stay together or get married or even hang out often becoz the females begins their working life earlier than the males.

By the time, we males start to work, the same age females' CPF and personal savings would have been huge, making us males look puny...
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